Monday, October 27, 2014

Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

We are so excited to announce our new series of videos entitled, “Tips from the Wedding Expert”.  Each informative episode will provide an insider’s take on planning your wedding with ease and confidence.  For example, “Shopping for Your Wedding Dress”  may sound simple to do however, there’s a strategy to it and it is a simple as: 
  1. Setting an appointment 
  2. Trying on dresses you would not normally envision as your style 
  3. Consider the time of day and temperature in which you will wear the gown on you special day, weight of gown, and "Itch" factor.
  4. Enjoying the moment!!   
I have worked with a multitude of brides who love a specific dress design and ultimately purchase a gown far removed from their initial thoughts. 

Please be weary of bringing an entourage with you during your visits.  Trust me, it’s difficult to whittle down the selections when everyone present has a different opinion.   

As you are winding up your appointments, show your appreciation to those who have accompanied you on your visits by saying, “Thank You”.  Some of your loved ones have taken time off from work, rearranged their schedules, or traveled from afar just to support you during the wedding planning process. It’s a big day for them and for you too!

Vendor Credits: WNC VideoProductions, Camilla Calnan Photography, and Wildflower Bridal

Monday, July 8, 2013

Kelly and Rodney

Kelly and Rodney melted my heart and everyone attending their magnificent wedding at Yesterday Spaces.  This couple worked together as one to make their wedding personal and memorable.   I took a few shots to show off their creativity.   Thanks to the outstanding vendors that contributed to creating this event SPECTACULAR!

Officiant: Darr Conradson


Monday, June 10, 2013

Laura and Andrew at Homewood

Working with a bride who's smile is contagious makes for a wonderful wedding.  From her mother, sister and everyone involved in making this dream wedding come true, love to you all.  Here's a sneak peek into Laura and Andrew's wedding. Photos courtesy of Taylor Boyd Photography.
Vendors for Laura & Andrew's Wedding
Venue:  Homewood
Florist: Clyde Florist
Hair and Make-Up: Beau Monde Salon


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

Exquisite Events and Consulting is proud to present our guest blogger, Danielle M. Baker.  Danielle, known as the Wedding Lady officiates and scribes customized wedding ceremonies for couples across the South. Her post, "What NOT to Wear to a Wedding" is a must read. 
I am lucky enough to officiate several hundred weddings a year. The bride and groom are always glowing with happiness; their families and friends are there to support them and share their joy; and the bride chooses a perfectly suitable and elegant gown.
Seeing so many people dressed beautifully and appropriately reminded me of the many weddings I've attended where many were not.  I am often shocked to see how many guests and even the wedding party (mostly ladies) that are not following the rules for attire for a wedding and/ or a rehearsal.  I wanted to help you all with a refresher for those who may need it.

ONE: do not wear a dress, skirt or shorts that are more than two finger widths above your knee if attending a church ceremony.   I often see ladies that wear dresses that would be appropriate for an outdoor wedding or rehearsal, but certainly not for a church.   Hear me out.  If you are in a wedding party or attending a rehearsal in a church, a good rule of thumb is to dress yourself in  what you would wear to attend a Sunday service in that church. 
TWO: do not wear black unless requested to. I can hear somebody whining that she only has one nice dress, and it NEEDS to be black because she has to wear it or black is slimming. I am not listening to you. You do not wear black to weddings.  A Minister wears black, often the groom wears black, but you do not wear black to a wedding.  Traditionally if you wear black at a wedding, it means you disapprove of the marriage.
Photo by Pure Light Photography 
THREE: do not wear red. Wearing red is an attention-grabber, and it is rude to try to take attention from the bride. (A corollary of the "do not wear red" rule is "do not wear dresses cut down to (or slit up to) THERE".)   Wear something that you know the couple that invited you there would be proud of.
FOUR: do I even have to tell you not to wear white? And yes, ivory, candlelight, pale shell pink, and pearl grey all count as white. Better safe than sorry. If you have to ask why you can't wear white, you are no longer allowed to attend any weddings at all. If you are the mother of the groom and you wear white or a whitish shade, you will not be allowed to ask "why? why?" when the newlyweds move someplace you need a visa to visit. ;)
FIVE: if you are wearing a dress with spaghetti straps or no straps at all, or one that is far enough off the shoulder to need special undergarments, AND the ceremony is in a place of worship, please bring a shawl, a wrap, or something to cover up with.
Yes, I know that God doesn't care, but churches are usually cold (it's all the stone) and goosebumps are unbecoming.
The general idea is that a wedding is NOT simply a fancy party to which you wear your fancy-party clothes; a wedding is a wedding, and it has its own rules. (However — if you are a bridesmaid, and the bride asks you to break any of these rules, you suck it up and say "yes, whatever you like, it's your day." Without eye-rolling where she can see you.)
Now, I can hear that same somebody asking, "Well, what CAN I wear?" Weddings, especially summer afternoon weddings, are the place to wear dresses. A simple sheath in a bright color or print is nearly always flattering, appropriate, and pretty. An A-line or full-skirted dress will be a pleasure to wear while dancing.  Summer weddings are one of the last places where a frivolously pretty dress is recommended, if not required — why ruin it by crowding out the dresses with sparkly cocktail gowns and business suits? They have their own turf. 
So Eat, Drink and be Merry!
Danielle M Baker
Minister and Officiant

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Exquisite Events and Consulting is currently recruiting candidates for our 2013 wedding and event planning internship program.  Internships are unpaid and require your schedule to assist with work on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays beginning April 2013.  Availability per event will be a minimum of 2 hours upwards to 6 hours depending on the tasks to be accomplished.  This opportunity will provide you with the hands-on experience needed to gain insight to designing, organizing, and producing a seamless event while collaborating with professionals who are fulfilling the vision of the client.

Responsibilities Include:
*Meet New and Existing Vendors
* Reviewing Contracts
* Confirming Final Details
* Adhering to Timelines
* On-Site Management
* Designing Room Layouts
* Event Set Up and Break Down
* Communicating with Guests
* Conducting Rehearsals
* Marketing Events through Social Media

Requirements Include:
* Positive Attitude
* Patience with the Impossible
* Professional Attire
* Effective Communicator
* Detail Oriented
* Reliable Transportation

To Apply:
If you are interested in exploring the many facets of wedding and event planning as an intern with Exquisite Events and Consulting please email Lisa G. McMillan at by March 31, 2013 with your letter of interest describing in 100 words or less why you would like to become an intern. No phone calls, please.